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Harbor Massotherapy offers each client a massage that is catered to their unique wellness needs. A simple Relaxation Massage may be all  a client is looking for to rejuvenate, to help with insomnia, or to help with stress reduction. Whereas, another may prefer a Deep Tissue Massage to help with clients who have chronic pain issues, recovering from an injury, sciatica nerve pain, or  even postural issues. Hot Stone Massage may be used with other types of massage to help with various types of pain (i.e.Fibromyalgia, arthritis) depression or sore stiff muscles.


Please check the "Hours and Scheduling page" before scheduling an appointment .All new clients are asked to come in fifteen minutes early  to fill out a Client Intake form, this will be considered as part of your appointment time. Failure to do so  will affect your appointment time  Also a twenty-four hour request for appointment is required and also for cancelations. Please do not request same day appoiments for they will not be horored. The appointment request must be made during regular business hours, if made after office is closed the request will be made according to next available time. All cell phones must be turned off  before entering the office and no  texting or other usage is allowed while in the office are other than to look up needed information for completion of  Client Intake Form.  Cell phone usage will affect your scheduled time for your massage appointment.









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Appointments may be made through this Massage or by calling me directly with the phone number listed below.  A 24 hour notice is requested for all appointments an email will be sent to me directly via MassageBook when you  request a time and date.







 Harbor Massotherapy 

129 Easton St. NE, Suite 300

N. Canton, OH 44721

Ask for Sherry when calling please

(330) 305-1100





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